Monday, April 8, 2013

What is search engin optimization


 As part of the onsite SEO, a blog is strongly  recommended.  Most professional agencies will install this for you, regardless of the platform. Having a blog can really help your SEO  when used correctly. Google and the other search engines are always after new and fresh content and there really is no better way of doing this than having a frequently updated blog.
A blog is a means of providing the search engines with a regular stream of fresh content. The more you update the blog, the greater you are seen in the search engines eyes and the more chance of getting accepted in to Google . Google has the potential to send a lot of traffic through your site and not only this, but the traffic going your site will be people interested in your particular product or service.
You can use any blogging platform you wish to help with your SEO but Wordpress is often the favoured. This is purely due to the simplicity of the platform. Wordpress originally started out as a blogging CMS but then was developed further to support web pages and more. It offers everything you need for creating  easy and effective blog post.
It’s advised that a blog is updated at least 3 times during the working week.  As with anything in SEO, it’s all about relevance though, the posts have to be relevant to the company,  the search engines will just disregard them.